About us

In Moldova, like in the majority of European countries there exist old hunting traditions. At the heart of these traditions stand the feelings of love towards nature, respect towards birds and animals, care about increase of their number and expansion of their habitat.

Paying a tribute to traditions and willing to make a contribution to the development of fauna, in the year 2006, on the basis of the only farm in Moldova on breeding of pheasants, situated in the South-East of the country, 92 km far from Chisinau there was created a modern hunting complex called "Fazanul argintiu", the main goal of which is breading of pheasants, partridges, chukars and wild turkeys, in order to settle them in the adjacent hunting areas.

Besides that, in the frameworks of the complex there are bred such birds as guinea fowl, peacocks and ostriches, thanks to which many private collections of fancy birds in Moldova and outside of it are added.

In the hunting areas of the complex, situated within a radius of 10 kilometers, there are created perfect conditions for habitation and reproduction of red deers, moufflons, roe deers and wild boars. The complex disposes of quite big herds of these animals, which, by the number of heads and trophy value are unique in Moldova.



Professionals of the complex, part of who are Doctors of Science, work out the events on enhancement of reproduction of birds and animals in such a way, that to keep their numerical strength at an optimal level, regardless of the number of huntings carried out and trophies made.

Due to the fact that the hunting takes place on the complex's own lands, we attain the high efficiency and variety of ways of carrying it out.

With us, depending on the season you can enjoy hunting all the aforesaid animals and birds.

We offer the hunting from towers, blinds, organize hunt downs.

Every year tourists are attracted here by the first-class hunting and perfect living conditions. The guests will live in comfortable log houses. Especially for them there are cooked dishes of national Moldovan and hunting cuisine.


The most popular is pheasant hunting. In our lands we keep the population level of pheasants which allows shooting off up to 1500 birds per day for a group of hunters. The pens are equipped with the system of shooting sites, which provide equal conditions for all hunters.

The wild boar hunting is organized either by hunting down or by approaching to the feeding grounds or ambushing them from towers. The hunters are brought to hunting lands, where, accompanied by experienced jaegers they can have a good wild boar hunt, satisfy their excitement and get a good portion of adrenaline.

Out of hunting season we will with pleasure host guests for vacation out in the country, who can in full enjoy the inimitable beauties of Moldovan landscape, clean forest air, national cuisine and get charged with energy for a few weeks.

In the North-Eastern part of Moldova, 98 km far from the capital we are happy to offer you vacation in our fishing and touristic "Salcie" complex, in which we created all conditions in order to satisfy the highest needs of our guests in silence, comfort and possibility to distract from everyday rush, sitting at the lakeshore with a fishing rod. You would for a long time remember the state of tranquility and peace, in which you will be after visiting the "Salcie" complex. We do not aspire to reach mass scale. We want our guests to get the leisure they came here for.

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