One of the basic types of services we provide is hunting. Due to the fact that the hunting takes place on the complex's own lands, we attain the high efficiency and variety of ways of carrying it out.

Here, depending on the season you can hunt roe deers, wild boars, foxes, red deers, and also such wild fowl as duck, pheasant and partridge.

We offer the hunting from towers, blinds, organize hunt downs.

Every year tourists are attracted here by the first-class hunting and perfect living conditions. The guests will live in comfortable log houses. Especially for the hunters there are cooked dishes of national Moldovan and hunting cuisine.

The most popular is pheasant hunting. One can go hunting in our specialized hunting farm. In our lands we keep the population level of pheasants which allows shooting off up to 1500 birds per day for a group of hunters. The pens are equipped with the system of shooting sites, which provide equal conditions for all hunters.

As a rule, each hunter or a group of 2-3 people has a personal assistant who keeps count of the birds shot and helps during the hunting. If you have your own hunting gun, it will be rational to take one or two guns of bore 12 or 16 for pheasant hunting.


For the hunters from other countries:

Those who are going to use their own hunting inventory should in advance take care of arranging of inbound and outbound licenses. One can also use his or her own shells, but it is more convenient to buy them at the site.

Data on weapons should be presented at least a month ahead of the beginning of tour.

The price of license for carrying hunting weapons in Moldova constitutes 55 Euro.

The price of temporary hunting permit for foreign citizens is 155 Euro.

For execution of these documents you should send scanned copies of the following documents via e-mail :

- international passport (photo and data should be seen clearly);

- hunting permit issued in the country of residence (the copies should be taken of both sides, photo and data should be seen clearly);

- gun license (necessarily underline types and numbers of guns you intend to bring to Moldova).

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