To hunters and fishermen - changes in the Code on Infractions

Each of us, at least once in our live went out of town. Be it hunting, fishing, mushroom-seeking trip or just a picnic in the forest. It may safely be said that doing it, you most certainly noticed piles of garbage, graphically placed under trees and bushes - the impression is that you came to a dump, not to a forest.

So, our lawmakers made an effort - there is a considerable room given to the fight for nature cleanliness in the new Code on Infractions. Let us examine everything in order.

For those who like to shoot

The new Code has once again proved - one can only go hunting in authorized places, having a hunting permit and license and only in the determined season. Don't forget - you should necessarily have a gun license with you. The breach of at least one article will lead to a fine in the amount of 50 to 100 conventional units for natural persons and from 200 to 400 for officials. According to law, one conventional unit is equal to 20 lei, thus, an illegal hunting can become a quite expensive pleasure for you. The same fine is provided for those who prefer rare flora and fauna listed in the Red Book. At that one can be punished not only for catching and destroying of rare species of animals and plants but also for inactivity, which can lead to the reduction of their number.

For those who like fishing

Those who like "quiet hunting" are not threatened by anything, if, of course they are using a usual fishing rode and not explosives while fishing. Once again – one should take into consideration the season and fish only in authorized places. We would like to remind you that it is forbidden to destroy the rare species of fish and water plants. There are some very serious fines provided for those who are very brave. Thus, the use of electric currents, explosions, narcotic, toxic or reactive substances will lead to paying of fine in the amount of 100 to 150 conventional units. If in such deeds the legal persons are spotted, the fine will constitute 400-500 conventional units.

For those who like cleanliness

How many times you were fairly angered by a joyful summer scene: children are swimming in the river, and not far away from them someone is washing his or her car in the same river. Those who are asking to stop doing it are given a quite unambiguous address, where they all can repose themselves. Well, the justice is found. For those who like to establish a car wash in water ponds there is provided a fine in the amount of 20-50 conventional units, which, in conversion to common money constitute from 400 to 1000 lei. Those, who have no money to pay fines, are provided with the possibility of unpaid constructive social work - from 40 to 60 hours. In addition to this they can be revoked their driving licenses for a term of 3 months to 1 year. It is also forbidden to wash transport, equipment and packaging in water ponds or on their shores for legal entities. The punishment is consequently a fine in the amount of 100-200 conventional units.

For those who like mushrooms, berries and flowers

The inveterate mushroom hunters have nothing to be afraid of – they just should not search for mushrooms in the reservations protected by the state. Picking of mushrooms, berries, medical herbs and nuts in the forbidden areas with violation of volumes and order of picking will lead to a fine in the amount of 5 to 10 conventional units or unpaid constructive social works from 20 to 40 hours. For the legal entities the fine constitutes from 100 to 200 c.u.

For those who like picnics

Judging by the number of bottles and wrappings in the forest, one can assume that some people can not even imagine that it is strictly forbidden to live garbage. The fine for such deeds is written out in the amount of 200 to 400 lei. The fine of the same amount is imposed for making fires in forbidden and unfitted places. It is also forbidden to drive in the green spaces outside the motor roads. The fine here is smaller – from 100 to 200 lei.

For those who like pets

The Code also regulates relations between a person and his or her pets. Cruel treatment, maiming of animals are unacceptable, and the violators are imposed fines in the amount of up to 40 conventional units, depending on the severity of deed. But the Code also stands up for common citizens – airing of dogs of combative breeds without a muzzle and leash leads to a fine of up to 400 lei.

Of course we all understand that there would be no forester, inspector or policeman for each violator. We can only make a suggestion: if you want to wash your car in a lake, or throw garbage on a forest lawn, air your mastiff at a playground or stun fish in Dniester, remember that our roles in this life can change. It is very possible that next time there will be no authority to cope with the ones who offend you.



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